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Poke Bowl ?

Hawaiian cuisine is trendy!


If Hawaiian cuisine has become so trendy around the world in recent years, it is no doubt thanks to its famous specialty, the poke bowl or poke.

This typical Hawaiian dish is a specialty served in a bowl, usually made from marinated raw fish cut into pieces.

Its name comes from the Hawaiian poke, which means "piece" or "cut".

In addition to the raw fish (tuna quickly marinated in a mixture of soy and ginger for example), this bowl consists of vegetables and fruit, arranged on a bed of salad, quinoa, raw vegetables or homemade fries.

It makes all together a complete and balanced meal right in the healthy trend.

This specialty is a delight for lovers of raw fish, but we also prepare poke bowls with cooked chicken or octopus.

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Smoothie Bowl

Açaí Bowl?

The Açaí Bowl can be enjoyed for breakfast, dessert or afternoon tea. This refreshing smoothiecomes with fresh seasonal fruit, home made granola and seeds.


The Açaí is a berrie native from the Amazon rainforest.

Acai berries have many virtues, including a high concentration of omega 9 and omega 6, which help reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

This superfood is also full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals like potassium.


The consumption of açaí berries helps to fight against fatigue and limit the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The Açaí Bowl is therefore the ideal recipe to boost your energy with a minimum of calories.


The Açaí Bowl has the advantage of being super simple to prepare, and ideal for a balanced breakfast .

You can get our frozen acai berries at our store.

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Come and discover them.

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